[ANN] JSON3.jl 1.0 Release + new StructTypes.jl Package

Just tagged a 1.0 release for JSON3.jl. Highlights include:

  • Moving the core StructType trait into a separate package StructTypes.jl, to allow further integration/re-use by other packages; what this means is that instead of overloading JSON3.StructType(::Type{MyType}), you overload StructTypes.StructType(::Type{MyType})
  • A breaking change where JSON3.write(NaN) will now throw an error as non-finite values (e.g. NaN, Inf, etc.) are not permitted in the JSON spec; this means code dealing w/ numbers will need to handle this before calling JSON3.write and write out as null themselves (like JSON3.write(isfinite(x) ? x : nothing))
  • Dedicated documentation at https://quinnj.github.io/JSON3.jl/stable
  • Updated documentation for StructTypes.jl as well

As always, don’t hesitate to open an issue with questions or concerns or drop by the #data slack channel to ask.



JSON3 is great! Currently, I want to use it for the REST API.
However, I run into one problem with NaN in the vector. For one FloatX it’s OK :slight_smile: . See:

julia> struct Foo

julia> JSON3.StructType(::Type{<:Foo}) = JSON3.Struct()
julia> str = JSON3.write(Foo([NaN, 2.3], NaN), allow_inf=true)

julia> str = JSON3.write([NaN, NaN, 1.1], allow_inf=true)

julia> str = JSON3.write(NaN, allow_inf=true)


NOTE: Too bad this allow_inf = true keyword argument is not mentioned in the documentation.