[ANN] Glo.jl

For those who always wanted to write a Glo board radio in julia, rescue has come!

Glo.jl wraps the Glo board web API.

Endpoints become functions, if IDs are involved you have to wrap them in the corresponding ID type and pass them to the function.
POST methods take the post message as first argument, and DELETE methods take ! as first argument.
No names are exportet. Authentification can be declared in the header, which you can pass as key word argument.


example_header =  [
        "Content-Type" => "application/json",
        "Accept" => "application/json",
        "Authorization" => "Bearer <yourPAT>"
Glo.boards( header = example_header ) # gets all your boards
Glo.boards_cards( "name" => "example_card", Glo.BoardID("8581928"), Glo.CardID("0b89d129"), header = example_header) # sets the name of the specified card to "example_card"
Glo.boards_cards(!,  Glo.BoardID("8581928"), Glo.CardID("0b89d129")) # deletes that card

In the making

Source2Glo.jl is an application where you can register paths and it will scan files specified by file-ending for TODOs and mange a Glo board accordingly.
It is functional, but still in testing, but if you want to try it. I would love to hear some feedback.

Happy coding :heart: