ANN: GitHub action workflow to test if your PR breaks another package (Reverse Dependency Integration Testing)

Hi all. At JuliaSmoothOptimizers, we’ve been running a breakage test to see if a PR request to our base package breaks the other packages down the line. This last week I’ve updated it to GitHub Actions and manage to transform it into a workflow. I’ve created abelsiqueira/Breakage to share it and show how to use it, in case anyone else is in the same situation.

What it does: When you make a PR to a package, it will test a list of given packages against that PR and comment with a summary like this:

PS. While writing the post’s title, Discourse told me about Github Actions workflow for Reverse Dependency Integration Testing, which is where I got the title in parenthesis. Unfortunately, I didn’t compare against it.


A simpler version is:

which also allows for selecting the subset of tests to run.