[ANN] Eyeball.jl: An interactive object viewer


This was a fun hack over the holidays. This provides eye for interactively viewing objects in the REPL. Use it when you might use dump or varinfo. Browse modules, type trees, expressions, or other complex objects. Use arrow keys to expand subobjects and hit enter to select and return the item. Toggle between showing properties and fields (f). Show documentation (d). Show methodswith on objects (m).

Here’s a demo:



Totally awesome and beautiful. Thank you!

This is absolutely amazing.

Fantastic. Any chance eye gets renamed to something else? For instance, inspect, or eyeball or something like that.

eye might be confused with identity matrix, e.g. FillArrays.jl exports Eye.

Or that matrix shouldn’t be called Eye, that’s a nonsensical matlabism (sorry) for identity matrices we got rid of sometimes ago.


At this time, I’m not inclined to rename eye. I like that it’s a short name which is nice for frequent interactive use. The Matlab history of eye can cause confusion, but that naming is bad, and Julia removed it’s own version of eye a while back.