[ANN] eigshow.jl, a demonstrator for EVD/SVD intuition

A long-time favorite linear algebra teaching widget of mine is matlab’s EIGSHOW, which lets you demonstrate the geometric intuition behind the EVD and the SVD in two dimensions. It was pulled from core matlab quite a while ago, but it’s still available as part of the “Cleve Lab” package.

As an exercise in learning interactivity in Makie, I have ported eigshow to Julia. Enjoy!


Looks cool! I’ll definitely try that out.

Awesome, I’ll read through your code and learn about Makie as well! Never took the time to understand it properly.

For the lazy ones, that just want to check it out :slight_smile:



For further insights on eigshow(), read Cleve Moler’s weeks-1, -2 and -3.


I guess your taking the time to do this makes me the laziest of all. :grin:


@tobydriscoll it would be super cool if you could register a EigShow.jl package with this app. It is super useful for educational purposes and we could point students to using EigShow instead of the Gist. You could also add the links shared here in the README :slight_smile:


It’s a good thought. I communicated with Cleve Moler about it to get his blessing and never heard back. Since his implementation says it’s copyrighted, I’m not sure if I should proceed. I didn’t copy or imitate the code in any way, but the “look and feel” is essentially all his.

@tobydriscoll another reason for creating a package is that we can specify exactly the version of Makie that was used. There is no guarantee that your gist will work in the future due to breaking changes in dependencies.

I have filed to register as the package EigenShow. Until the waiting period is complete, it can be installed directly from: