[ANN] Dynare.jl is now ready for testing

Dynare.jl (GitHub - DynareJulia/Dynare.jl: A Julia rewrite of Dynare: solving, simulating and estimating DSGE models.), a Julia rewriting of Dynare,
is now ready for testing by users. Dynare is a software for solving,
simulating and estimating Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium
(DSGE) models widely used in macroeconomics.

The following features are implemented: steady state, local
approximation of the solution at 1st and 2nd order,
perfect foresight simulations, forecasting, optimal policy.

Documentation is available at https://DynareJulia.github.io/Dynare.jl

Thank you for reporting any error, question or desired additional feature.


Nice package ! Considering the post about the “1.5 language” and the original Matlab version of dynare, I was wondering about your opinion on this Matlab to Julia reimplementation :slightly_smiling_face: