[ANN] DynamicOED.jl: Design of Experiments for Differential Equations

Hey everybody!

On behalf of our research group, I am happy to announce DynamicOED.jl, a package which hooks into SciML’s amazing world to provide Optimal Design of Experiments for ODEs and DAEs using mixed integer optimal control.
So, if you ever found yourself with a model and a real world process you want to measure to tune parameters, but did not when exactly to do so, do not worry anymore!

Under the hood, DynamicOED.jl does the following:

  • Augment an ODESystem with its sensitivity equations and the dynamics of the Fisher Information matrix.
  • Generates a time grid for observation choices and controls
  • Generates an OptimizationProblem of the specifications

For more details, I’ll refer you to the documentation.

We are currently at a very early stages and we are looking forward to issues and usecases :slight_smile: .