ANN: CUTEst.jl v0.1.0

Hello everyone,

we’re happy to announce that CUTEst.jl has had its first release: v0.1.0.

CUTEst is the third installment of the Constrained and Unconstrained Testing Environment for nonlinear optimization problems. This Fortran library that provides tools to access the objective and constraint functions and its derivatives, as well as other problem properties, such as number of variables, bounds, etc. CUTEst can be used officially from Fortran (naturally), C/C++, and MatLab.

The Julia version is easier to install and use than its counterparts, and we hope to help increase interest in Julia with this release.

CUTEst.jl uses NLPModels.jl to provide an easy access to the CUTEst functions, but it also provides simple wrappers to the original functions.

Check the documentation for more information.

Check our other packages too: JuliaSmoothOptimizers


Abel S. Siqueira


I hope it’ll be possible to auto-translate .sif files to Julia some day, so the archaic Fortran-translation step can be dropped.

In the meantime, it’s great to have access to all these test problems.

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Yeah, wouldn’t that be sweet! We’ve been translating some by hand over at (mostly unconstrained so far). It’s also useful to do it by hand because we occasionally find a bug in a model and it gives us a chance to document them better. It’s quite rare today that someone writes a new problem in SIF, so the hand translation might go faster than writing a lexer and a parser…