[ANN] Consistent Overhead Byte Stuffing: COBS.jl

COBS.jl is a tiny tiny package I just wrote for encoding bytes according to the COBS algorithm. This will be mostly useful for people communicating with an Arduino via a serial port.

My main goal was to write something I need. I needed to encode, not decode, so there’s only an encode function… But my hopes are that others that might need this will contribute in the future. Any comment is welcomed!

It’s not registered yet.

This spurred from the fruitful conversation and helpful input from all the wonderful people in this topic:


And now with decoding as well (albeit not directly from a port).

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How I can mark more than one heart :-)? This has been a long time TODO for me but been too busy. Many thanks!

he he… you’re welcome!

But please check and see if it works as expected, in terms of correctness of course, but also if it’s fast enough. Feel free to PR etc…

and now it’s registered, so all you need to do is

] add COBS
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