[ANN] CMDimData.jl: Parametric Analysis for Model/Sim/Measurement Data

CMDimData.jl: Parametric Analysis +Continuous f(x) +Plotting

Link: GitHub - ma-laforge/CMDimData.jl: Parametric analysis/visualization +continuous-f(x) interpolation

“Focus on the analysis itself, not on data manipulation”

“The hardest part of data analysis should be annotating the plots!”

Live-slice example: explore signal(phi, A, f, t) = A * sin(2pi*f*t + phi) “simulated” response using sliders to select values of parameter sweep.

link: CMDimData.jl/sample/LiveSlice at master · ma-laforge/CMDimData.jl · GitHub


CMDimData.jl provides a high-level abstraction to manipulate multidimensional data, and automatically interpolate intermediate values as if it was a continuous function.

The goal is to provide analysis tools that lead to minimal code, written in a natural, and readable fashion.


  1. Seamlessly handle multidimensional datasets with MDDatasets.jl
    • Perform the same operation on all elements (usually) without having to write explicit loops.
    • Automatic Interpolation: Calculations will automatically be interpolated over x as if y=f(x) data represented a continuous function of x.
    • Results of dataset reductions (ex: minimum(), integrations, …) are handled the same as any other data.
  2. Easily plot multidimensional results with /EasyPlot sub-module.
  3. Read/write multidimensional data & plots to HDF5 files with /EasyData sub-module.
  4. Ideal for post-processing results from lengthy simulations, or measurements.