[ANN] ClickHouse.jl v0.2.0

Version v0.2.0 of our pure Julia client for the ClickHouse native TCP protocol is out now!

This is the first release of the library where I’d say that it can now be called a functioning and practically useful client for the database.

Significant changes


  • The project was migrated from my private GitHub account over to the JuliaDatabases organization
  • @waralex joined in as a second maintainer and contributed most of the changes that prompted the release of this second version of the client


  • As of writing, all ClickHouse column types are now supported, including fancier types such as Array(T) and LowCardinality(T)
  • Enums and LowCardinality(T) types are now decoded using CategoricalArrays
  • Greatly improved error handling and recovery
  • ClickHouse Date types are now decoded as Date Julia types (previously, they were decoded to DateTime)
  • Many smaller tweaks all over the codebase


New project home: GitHub - JuliaDatabases/ClickHouse.jl: Julia Lang client for the ClickHouse TCP native protocol

We’re happy to hear any feedback and contributions on GH (issues, pull requests, …) are very much welcome!