[ANN] Chess.jl v0.2.0

I’m happy to annouce version 0.2.0 of Chess.jl, my Julia chess programming library:


The main changes are:

  • License changed from AGPLv3 to MIT. This was a hard decision, since I have a strong ideological preference for AGPL, but Aurélien Geron convinced me that MIT was a more pragmatic choice for this library.
  • More full-featured support for opening trees and using UCI chess engines.
  • Graphical representations of boards and square sets when using Pluto or Jupyter notebooks, with links for opening boards in lichess.
  • Lots of bug fixes.

Any chance future versions will support syzygy (end game tablebases)? This looks really cool by the way.

Yes, syzygy support is among the features I’ve been thinking about. It’s probably going to happen some day.


Can it also create a music video based on it?

Great package, even if it can’t do the above! :smile:

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