[ANN] CameraCalibrations

Hi all,
I’ve registered CameraCalibrations, a Julia package for camera calibration. This package uses Matlab’s camera calibration toolbox to detect checkerboards and their corners as well as generate calibration objects. As such, it requires that you have Matlab™ installed and Matlab™’s Computer Vision System toolbox present. It “boasts” the same features you’d find in Matlab’s camera calibration toolbox.

Why use this package to calibrate cameras?

  1. This is currently the only package for camera calibration “in” Julia.
  2. It allows for calibration using only one (extrinsic) image (potential for much lower accuracy but might be adequate for your application) as well as both extrinsic and intrinsic images (preferable).
  3. The calibration objects are native Julia objects (an object from CoordinateTransformations or Interpolations), so you can save them, and then use them without needing Matlab.

Having said that, I’ll add that the moment a camera calibration package that is not dependent on a proprietary program is released in Julia, I’ll point people to it instead of this one. This is after all just a poor wrapper around Matlab’s camera calibration toolbox, not much more.