[ANN] AWSBraket.jl - REST API wrapper for AWS Quantum Computing Service in native Julia

I’m pleased to announce the AWS braket REST API wrapper in native Julia based on its official implementation in braket.

This is a component of the coming YaoLang.jl package, which will be the recommended way of using Yao with AWS and its partner’s (e.g IonQ and Rigetti) quantum hardware. It currently implements all the JAQCD schema supported by AWS Braket services.

But for the benefit of the broader quantum community, we split this part of functionality out so that you can use it for other things you like.

unlike IBMQClient which is stable already, this package is in release beta, and should be considered as unstable on its public API given braket itself is in rapid development.


do they have a quantum login action? you need to observe it to see if you have logged in. Otherwise, it’s not knowable and just follows a distribution.

I guess you can make your own with braket :joy: