[ANN] Announcing PSSFSS: Polarization and Frequency Selective Surfaces

I’m excited to announce a new package PSSFSS.jl for analyzing polarization selective surfaces (PSSs), frequency selective surfaces (FSSs), reflectarray elements, radomes, and similar structures. It is intended to be useful to antenna design engineers and others who work in applied electromagnetic engineering.

Here are some of the features of the software:

  • Designed to be useful and accessible to working engineers.
  • Accommodates planar FSS/PSS surfaces with no limits to number of dielectric layers or FSS/PSS sheets.
  • Automatically chooses number of modes needed for cascading multiple FSS/PSS sheets using
    generalized scattering matrices (GSMs).
  • Supports (approximate) cascading multiple sheets of different periodicities, as in a multilayer
    meanderline polarizer.
  • Simple specification of geometry to be analyzed.
  • Solution of mixed-potential integral equation using Rao-Wilton-Glisson triangle subdomain basis functions and multi-threaded method of moments.
  • Fast analysis for frequency sweeps without approximations or interpolation using a wide-band expansion of the potential Green’s functions for a stratified medium with quasi-periodic excitation.
  • Automatic triangulation of sheet geometries to user-specified number of triangles.
  • Exploits redundancies inherent in structured meshes for greater numerical efficiency.
  • Easy extraction of useful engineering performance parameters, including
    • Reflection and transmission coefficient magnitudes and/or phases or complex coefficients for the field components of
      • TE/TM
      • Vertical/horizontal (Ludwig 3)
      • LHCP/RHCP (circular polarization)
    • Delta insertion phase delay (ΔIPD)
    • Delta insertion loss (ΔIL)
    • Axial ratio

I hope this package is useful to the applied electromagnetics community, and I would be very glad to receive constructive critical feedback. Collaborators would be welcome!