[ANN] Announcing ImageClipboard.jl

Hi all,

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve registered ImageClipboard.jl, a package that can handle images on the system clipboard.

The followings are sample scripts and screenshots from the README.

using Images, ImageClipboard

# Create a random image
img = rand(RGB{N0f8}, 100, 200)

# Copy the image to clipboard

# Paste the image from clipboard
img2 = clipboard_img()

# These are the same images
img == img2  # true

copy an image to clipboard

paste an image from clipboard


This is sorely missed functionality. I was looking at making the standard clipboard work with images, but there were some complications. I think that the best way would be to hook clipboard into the mime system (Although this FR is in second grade by now…)

But this looks like a neat way to do it until then.


Looks neat! Do you think that this could be used in Pluto? See Paste screenshot from clipboard · Issue #56 · fonsp/PlutoUI.jl (github.com)

Yes, this package is able to use in Pluto!

The pasted image seems jaggy, but I think this is a problem of the viewer.