An easy way to call Julia function from Java

What is the easiest way to call a Julia function from Java? And if such possibility is not straightforward, will it be implemented in further versions of Julia (or maybe this requires a new library for Java)? I feel that such a popular language as Java deserves some kind of interface to Julia.

From this comment on the old mailing list it looks like the easiest option would be to use JNI to interact with Julia via its C API, combined with JavaCall.jl on the Julia side to handle the conversions (this is roughly analogous to how pyjulia works, using PyCall.jl on the Julia side).

As I mentioned on another thread:

Unfortunately, bindings from external languages aren’t the most popular thing for people to voluntarily work on, since “people who like to write Julia code” don’t directly benefit themselves from that work


Hi I am trying to run the julia scripts using simple java service. Since it’s been 2 years, any update on how can we achieve this ?