Archlinux user, trying to install Julia for some primitive GPU calculations. ROCm is installed, Clang/LLVM too.

Running Julia as JULIA_AMDGPU_CORE_MUST_LOAD=1 julia, then pkg> add AMDGPU, then test AMDGPU.

Test fails with the following message:

Warning: Agent creation failed.
The GPU node has an unrecognized id.

┌ Warning: LLD is unavailable, compilation functionality will be disabled.
│ Reason: LLD_jll is not available on this platform
└ @ AMDGPU ~/.julia/packages/AMDGPU/bzHD4/src/AMDGPU.jl:280


ERROR: LoadError: InitError: Failed to find ld.lld, but ld.lld must exist, bailing out
 [1] __init__()
   @ AMDGPU ~/.julia/packages/AMDGPU/bzHD4/src/AMDGPU.jl:287

I’m not sure what’s my problem. I tried to play with LD path, but no luck so far. Any ideas?

How did you install Julia on archlinux? The package in the archlinux repository is known to be broken, if you used that please direct your complaints to the maintainers of that package and then use instead the julia-bin or juliaup packages in AUR. Note that juliaup allows you to maintain multiple versions of Julia at the same time.

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