Alternative to Data Voyager for Julia

Is Data Voyager (.jl), a beautiful package, the only one of its kind for Julia? Is there another such system?

DataVoyager is a fairly unique and novel thing.

but there might be new things now.

Maybe in R land there is something you can RCall

Just curious, are there specific things that you find missing in DataVoyager.jl?


Perhaps, @oxinabox, perhaps.

Hey @davidanthoff. There is actually nothing missing from it from what I know, except that I noticed unclear (non-sharp) graphics on Windows, which makes looking at it tiresome (or even unhealthy from what I know). It is the only piece of software I have a problem with like that. If this problem wasn’t there, your Data Voyager is from what I can tell obviously a superior choice :slight_smile:

It may have to do with the original base (out of your direct control) that you use for it, as you have mentioned in one of your posts on Github.