"all posts" or follow keyword/package

I found out today that someone asking something specific about a package of mine reminded without answer for a month.

I look at the forum almost every day, so missing that specific post was particularly unreasonable.

This happened because the post was on a specific domain category. Summed to that, I have been finding harder do follow the threads since the “New to Julia” section was created.

Would it be possible to have one’s view of the forum in a single category?

Or, something different, receive a message if a package name or keyword is mentioned? (This would be particularly useful).

You can follow a tag and get notification for that tag. As an example Topics tagged cuda on the upper right you can click the bell icon.

There is also https://discourse.julialang.org/new which is all new topics irrespective of category.
And https://discourse.julialang.org/unread which is all posts you interacted with that had new posts.

Thanks, that helps a lot. The “tag” follow does not completely solve the problem because it depends on the poster to tag the package (not sure if everyone can create a tag with any package name either).

Is it possible to put the “new” or “unread” pages as initial pages of the cell app?

Currently I don’t know whether to tag symbolic, symbolics, symbolics.jl, or what. It might be useful to actually create tags for every package of General so askers know what to tag and answerers know what to follow.


Under https://discourse.julialang.org/u/leandromartinez98/preferences/interface there is an option for “Default Home Page”.


Excelent! Thanks!

Automatically creating standard tags for every registered package and adding that tagging as a good practice would be nice. We, authors of packages with smaller user bases could manage the notifications and provide support easily that way.