Algorithm to plot sample distribution


I have this exercise but i got stuck



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You are clearly doing homework exercises given this thread and the other you have posted. These forums are not your personal homework help. I do not feel comfortable posting code for these answers because I do not know the course policies. If you post the syllabus and it says “you can get homework answers from StackOverflow or other websites”, then sure I’ll answer it. But it would be best for you as a student to actually learn how to read documentation, interpret it, and generate code from it.

The documentation for Distributions.jl is found here:

The documentation for using Julia is found here:

These two sources answer your question in unending detail, and are likely what you’re supposed to be using (though you can use Julia’s randn for this without ever using Distributions.jl, but I assume given how the homework problem is written that you will want to generalize to other distributions later).


And of course there’s also and

I second Chris’s point… we’re not here to complete homework assignments for you, but there are people ready to help with focused, specific questions. It’s very important to show that you’ve exhausted every avenue before posting, as it’s unfair to ask others to spend their time on your problem when you haven’t spent any time on it.

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