Algebra of Graphics Web Dashboard Code by Pietro Vertechi

The presentation/poster by Simon Danish at JuliaCon2021 shows a beautiful Algebra of Graphics Web Dashboard by Pietro Vertechi (Makie Showcases and future | Simon Danish | JuliaCon2021 - YouTube). Does anyone know where I can find this code? This GUI shows a few things I’d love to learn how to do with JSServe and WGLMakie:

  • File Picker
  • Tabs
  • Tables

Hello! Thanks for the nice words. The Web Dashboard is still a work-in-progress (I plan to add docs and integrate with CI in the near future). I also imagine some of the components could be refactored in a standalone repo of “reusable widgets”.

For now, I’ve made the code available here. You can checkout this folder to see how the various components are implemented.


Had a quick look at the code and this is exactly what I was looking for to help me learn!

The power of Julia + HTML/Javascript + Observables/Makie/JSServe I think makes the ability to develop UI’s potentially more powerful than standard UI tools such c#/WPF or Matlab (at least for engineers developing analysis and modeling tools). I think all that’s missing at this point is the tooling and the experience/design patterns. With your help this part at least is getting much better

Thanks again!

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