AI: Sing-song, Musdb.jl (and Nerf.jl)

There has been some notable music related AI recently, e.g. from Google:

I mention it since, linked from there was:



  • musdb: Python based dataset parser
  • mus-io: Docker scripts for decoding/encoding STEMS <=> wav (i.e. MATLAB users go there)
  • musdb.jl: Julia based dataset parser

I have no immediate use for the (Julia) software, just got (prematurely?) exited Julia was mentioned. I thought it was used, but it’s actually an outdated wrapper for Python code. I couldn’t install it, works I suppose in Julia 0.6, and could be easily migrated I guess.

There was something other (two?) music-related also released this year, and Riffusion last year.

NeRFs are a big thing in computer graphics however, and I just noticed new Nerf.jl package. There was a paper in something even better than NeRFs though in January…

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