After renaming a package. what should happen to release numbers

Here is my situation: I just renamed a package, and the new version will be 0.7 only (there is a 0.6 version under the former name).

Is there a standard re. the release numbers? Is the new package supposed to start at 1.0.0, or should it follow the previous release from its old name?


I would open an issue to exclude migrating the 0.6 version of the package to JuliaRegistries/General and just keep developing the renamed package. As for the release version, it should follow the general convention for semantic versioning, (i.e., if the package is the release is production ready, give it a v"1.0.0"). Consider issuing a deprecation notice in the 0.6 version package after 0.7 is released and maybe move it to JuliaArchive.

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