Adomian polynomials

Hi Everyone,

I’d like to solve some ODEs using Adomian decomposition (which opens up approaches to model distributed delays, etc.) for a repository of epidemiological models: Add Adomian decomposition approach · Issue #54 · epirecipes/sir-julia · GitHub

I’ve looked around but can’t find any code to generate Adomian polynomials - if there isn’t any, which package(s) should I build this from? It’s fairly straightforward to find Maple and Mathematica code (a couple of examples are in the issue).

Best wishes

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I don’t know of any code for it, but it wouldn’t be too hard to code up with Symbolics.jl. This would be a nice function to have in ModelingToolkit.jl.

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Thanks anyway! I wasn’t sure whether such code ‘belonged’ with Polynomials.jl, ApproxFun.jl or Symbolics.jl.