Adjusting Weight and Legends with Plotting

I’m using Plots and Gadfly pkgs to plot. I’d like to know how to make various adjustments, such as making the x and y-labels bold. I’d also like to know how to be able to move the legend within or to outside of the plot, in the case that it is covering data.

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In Gadfly, there are several ways to produce bold labels:

  • Theme(major_label_font = "Arial Bold")   (the font name might be hyphenated)
  • Guide.xlabel("<b>PetalWidth</b>")   (this is Pango markup)
  • Julia unicode input (great for math symbols)

You can mix Pango and unicode, see this example

For legend inside plot, see example in the Gadfly docs

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Thanks @Mattriks. I’m no longer using Gadfly for plotting, but I’m using PyPlot and StatsPlots. I have the same question regarding bolding axes labels/title/etc. Thanks!