Add unicode symbol ⟋

How do I request the addition of a Unicode symbol?
I am interested in the symbol “⟋” (U+27CB Mathematical Rising Diagonal) to use in variable names that represent ratios and derivatives. e.g.

dF⟋dx = 0.2
dF⟋dy = 0.5

I tried using the symbol ╱ (U+2571), but it is too big and gets confused with the division operator.

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this still looks too confusing tbh


You could do e.g. dₓF or ∂ₓF if you want. ⁻¹ is also available. I agree with @jling that it’s still a bit confusing with or .


Another option is

julia> var"dF⟋dy" = 1+1;

julia> var"dF⟋dy"

Indeed it could be confusing, however in monotype font (e.g. in VScode), it is rendered much smaller that the division operator. Also, syntax highlight helps to avoid confusion.

That solves the problem. However, shorter identifiers would be desirable.

That is a good solution. In my case, I have variables such as

df_dup = df_dσmax*dσmax_dup + df_dτmax*dτmax_dup + df_dμ*dμ_dup

that I would like to write as

df⟋dup = df⟋dσmax*dσmax⟋dup + df⟋dτmax*dτmax⟋dup + df⟋dμ*dμ⟋dup

Maybe another character could fit better, maybe

df◢dup = df◢dσmax*dσmax◢dup + df◢dτmax*dτmax◢dup + df◢dμ*dμ◢dup