Ada Julia 1.6.3 binding released

The library Simple Components for Ada v4.59 provides Julia 1.6.3 bindings.

Julia is now compatible with MinGW-based libraries like GTK, which makes it finally possible to use in Windows applications for scripting purposes, in particular as an alternative to Python. The bindings impose no static dependency on Julia run-time. The library is loaded dynamically.

The Ada bindings support Julia arrays, named tuples, conversions between Ada and Julia data types, exception handling, calling Julia from Ada subprograms and subprograms Ada from Julia.

Simple components for Ada

Changes to the previous version:

  • The functions Eval_char_array, Get_Safe_Restore, Load_File_String, Set_Safe_Restore were added to Julia bindings;
  • Functions To_Julia and Value added to Julia bindings for Ada types Time and Day_Duration;
  • To_Julia defined on tuples fixed when types of elements are not directly visible.