Activating a shared named environment via JULIA_PROJECT?

Is there a way to activate a shared named environment via $JULIA_PROJECT or julia --project, without using the absolute path? So, an equivalent to ] activate --shared myenv?


Thanks, I’ll post an issue.


One used case I have for this is passing an environment when combining VSCode/Julia with VSCode remote sessions (absolute path is different depending on remote system).

cc @davidanthoff

Just FYI, you can do it with JULIA_LOAD_PATH.

True, though $JULIA_LOAD_PATH may already be set to system-dependent values, so fiddling with that to change the project is not always ideal and requires more care than $JULIA_LOAD_PATH. Also, it’s hard to pass env-variables via SSH (e.g. when starting remote processes) adding --project=... to the julia command is often easier.

Thanks for reminding me, though! I probably can use “$JULIA_LOAD_PATH” as a workaround in a specific use case I have for now.

@oschulz ah, that is an interesting point!