abspath("PackageName") in a subfolder expands to the wrong path

I have a package, BetaML, where I included in a subfolder “notebooks” some notebooks for documentation.

If in these notebooks I run abspath("BetaML"), it expands to “/home/lobianco/.julia/dev/BetaML/notebooks/BetaML” (that it doesn’t exist) rather than “/home/lobianco/.julia/dev/BetaML”.

Why ?

What is your current directory when you run abspath and in what way does the result not match the docstring for abspath?

Ops. I completely misunderstood abspath, and for a while.

I was looking for a way to get the folder of an installed package by name and never realised that I was getting the “correct” result just because I was running… from the “right” place…

You probably want to use @__DIR__ as a starting point for locating a file within the same package. For outside packages there’s pathof.

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