About the Optimization (Mathematical) category

For discussion of mathematical optimization software in Julia. This includes modeling software and solvers for linear optimization, mixed-integer optimization, convex optimization, nonlinear optimization, semidefinite optimization, and related topics.

  • JuMP is a modeling language and collection of solvers for constrained optimization. It supports a wide variety of problem classes including linear programming, conic programming, semidefinite programming, and nonlinear programming.
  • JuliaSmoothOptimizers provides a collection of tools primarily designed for developing solvers for smooth nonlinear optimization.
  • JuliaNLSolvers offers implementations in Julia of standard standard optimization algorithms for unconstrained or box-constrained problems such as BFGS, Nelder-Mead, conjugate gradient, etc.
  • JuliaHub lists 70+ optimization packages in Julia!

The julia-opt list was the home for discussions in this category until December 2016.


Hello Stephan. We are looking to hire a part-time JuliOpt expert to help translate a Matlab application into Julia. Your guidance on how to best proceed? thanks

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There is a community/jobs topic in this Discourse.