A newbie can not use CUDA by follow official DOC!

New PC, New Julia, New CUDA package and just totally follow ““https://juliagpu.gitlab.io/CUDA.jl/”” but it doesn’t work!

using CUDAdrv, CUDAnative, CuArrays

get a error:
┌ Info: CUDAnative.jl failed to initialize, GPU functionality unavailable (set JULIA_CUDA_SILENT or JULIA_CUDA_VERBOSE to silence or expand this message)
└ @ CUDAnative C:\Users\USER.julia\packages\CUDAnative\hfulr\src\CUDAnative.jl:192

OS: Win10, GPU: GTX1650super, Julia 1.3.1

Have you installed the CUDA drivers and toolkit and tested that it is working?

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Did you follow this advise, and set the env var JULIA_CUDA_VERBOSE to get some more details? You’re not the first to miss this hint, so no worries. Never thought it would be so confusing; next CUDAnative/CuArrays release will get rid of it.