A new way to run Julia code in the cloud

Hi all, I’m an engineer on a product called Tenzar RunBox - it’s a workspace for running and collaborating on scientific computing workloads in the cloud. You can run Julia on it very easily and it could provide you with some nice extra computing power or storage for your work, so I thought I’d let this forum know of its existence.

It provides a nice UI for managing and sharing data, and facilitates the process of launching a cloud instance with your code and data. I also wrote a quick how-to on running Julia, seen here. If this interests you, check it out - I’m here to answer any questions or you can contact me at cp@tenzar.com.


Hello Corlin,

Thank you for introducing yourself and your company. I have no doubt some of us will be getting in touch to make good use of this as a more fully realized way for performance sensitive design, development and, some for the availability of good marketing platform .

Wow, this seems pretty cool! Thanks for sharing!

Hi Jeffrey, we do offer both a free tier and high performance instances for running Julia and other code. Some of our engineers have a long history with Julia and we really think the Julia community could benefit from our technology.

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Hello Jeffrey,

I do not think Corlin’s post had the slightest inkling of being a “pitch for clientele targeting people who have given much already”!!

I did not think that. I wanted Corlin to have every opportunity to get his message through with the least opportunity for misunderstanding. Following the link puts one on a web sequence that does not mention (at least not seen by me at cursory glance) the available resources for those who are involved here.

Corlin, there is no problem at all with editing your post – most of the people who will see it have not yet read it. Just add a sentence that people who are interested in exploring this for development and prerelease shake-out should contact you directly. [or don’t the other comments here make it clear enough] :smile: (I am editing mine),

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Unfortunately Discourse is giving me an ‘unexpected error’ when I try to edit my post, so the comments will have to do haha. Here’s a direct link to our product page and our documentation. Hopefully that is more helpful!

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Do you need a US number to signup? I can’t input any other international code other than +1