A milestone?

Wanted to share something that happened on the weekend. I have been using Julia for a while for work now and am super impressed in general. So what happened wasn’t a scientific computing thing, it was that my 9 y/o son wanted to learn how to make computer games. So after some coaxing I managed to talk him down from a 3d car racing game to rock, scissors, paper with a text interface for his first game. I would usually have gone to python for something like this, but I went for Julia instead. So with some help after about an hour he wrote his first “real” program in Julia :slight_smile: He found it pretty straight forward so I think that is a big win for usability. Wanted to say thanks to everyone involved for making something cool.


Thanks for sharing. This is important.


Cool! Perhaps he would enjoy taking Luxor.jl for a spin, as a basic intro to 2D graphics (not interactive, but another stepping stone perhaps).