3d contour - calculation not plot

I have code that convolves a 2d cluster of points, then finds a contour of the convolution, which it takes to be the cluster boundary.

I’d like to extend it to 3 dimensions. Naively, I’m thinking I can just find the contour for each slice (Contour.jl), my challenge would then be to figure out which ones are effectively connected in 3 dimensions.

But has that been implemented already somewhere? Does it have a different name?

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This might be helpful GitHub - bachrathyd/MDBM.jl: Multi-Dimensional Bisection Method: Julia package to determine the set of roots for 'any' parameter dimension and 'any' codimension

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That does look interesting. Can you provide some insight on how to make it work with a multidimensional array, instead of a function, and how to set the threshold for a specific contour level?