3D camera movements in Makie

Are there any examples for 3D camera movements using the new Figure() set up for Makie and GLMakie?

The Figure doesn’t really have anything to do with 3D camera movements. You can either use a standard Scene with a 3D camera, or you use a Figure and place an LScene in it, where lscene.scene is also a normal scene that you can manipulate like any other Scene. Something like scatter(points_3d) will create such an LScene in a Figure, so that you can place other subplots in a layout next to the 3D scene. But if you only want a 3D scene across the full window, just use the Scene directly.

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Oh! The docs make it sound like Scene is (being) deprecated.

Before the introduction of the Figure workflow, Scene s used to be the main container object which was returned from all plotting functions. Now, scenes are mostly an implementation detail for many users, unless they want to build custom solutions that go beyond what the default system offers.

But, the LScene docs repeat your comment.

If you need a normal Makie scene in a layout, for example for 3D plots, you have to use LScene right now.

It’s not really deprecated, it’s rather moved to be more of a lower level API going forward

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