3D array visualization

Hi all,
I am looking for a function similar to PyPlot matshow to visualize a 3D array of integers.
Does anyone can help me.

matshow looks like a heatmap. So I would suggest you to try out Makie.heatmap

Yes, but it works for 2D arrays not for 3D arrays

Can you find any images online that show what you want it to look like?

Even though it does not seem to be properly documented, 3D arrays with 3 or 4 channels will be interpreted as RGB and RGBA colors by matshow.
The Images package can be used in Julia instead:

using Images, CairoMakie

arr = rand(1:100, 40, 40, 4)  # random stuff with 4 channels
img = splat(RGBA).(eachslice(ha, dims = (1,2)) / 255)
CairoMakie.image(img; interpolate = false)