3D array to heatmap


I’m kind of desperate, I have a 3D array formated like x,y,z and i want to show the z value in a squared heatmap. The columns are sorted like x:aaabbbccc, y:abcabcabc (but not just with 3 values, instead 600). How am I converting the array, that pcolor is doing it like the way I want, with the right x and y values also (not just enumerating them).



See the documentation of Plots.jl.


Please don’t double post questions without referencing the other place. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/48434746/heatmap-out-of-3d-array


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I do not have an answer to your question.
But I would assume that your chances of getting support are higher if you are more polite than in your last post.
Maybe you could post what you habe tried. Or show some code/MWE example with sample data (which might actually help you to get a very concrete answer, ie code)


I already have solved the problem on my own, although it took longer than expected. You are right, eventhough you have to admit that persons posting links to standard documentation are very likely not going to help anybody… In my opinion it’s more demotivating to get such answers instead of getting no answer… In fact, in my opinion it is even offensive.