3 new packages related to data analysis

I registered 3 packages useful in data analysis (See also https://gitlab.com/jpboth)

  • HnswAnn
    This package provides an interface to a Rust crate implementing the Hnsw algorithm for approximate nearest neighbours. Installation of the Rust packafe is easy and documented.

  • RandomProjectionTree (based on a paper of Freund DasGupta)

  • PartialSvdStoch
    This package implements an algorithm of O. Shamir and increases precision of truncated svd algorithms. It builds upon the LowRankApprox and provides also an algorithm of Vempala for incremental svd approximation.

All three packages are implemented with care for performance (multithreading, simd acceleration for the rust part, direct use of BLAS)

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The link just points to Github. Usually package announcements link each repository and provide some motivation, examples, etc.


I just wanted to make a short announce.
More explanations or examples are provided in the packages with references to the original papers.

Thanks for the contributions! Would be interesting to compare the HNSW implementation with https://github.com/JuliaNeighbors/HNSW.jl