1.1 branch date approaching: Dec. 6


Hello all, we’re aiming to branch for the 1.1 release on Dec. 6. That coincides with the next scheduled triage call, so we can prioritize release blockers right away. This is in accordance with the process described in Proposed release process and schedule.
In the meantime:

  • Please start testing your code and packages on master to help us identify inadvertent breaking changes, and file issues. Some packages might break (in fact some already have) due to changed internal functions; let us know and somebody will help explain how to update your code.
  • Bump and/or fix any PRs you’d like to see included in 1.1. However there is no rush, and the release will not be held up for specific changes, as the next release is only 4 months away.
  • Master will remain open as normal throughout the process.

Thank you!