00:00:00 to 1899-12-30 bug with XLSX

In my data set, I have a data type Time in 24-hour notation where midnight is written as 00:00:00. Then if I read the data with XLSX.readdata(), then 00:00:00 is converted to the date 1899-12-30.

For example, let’s say that we have an excel file (test.xlsx) with only one column such that:


If I extract the time from the excel files using XLSX.readdata(), I get the following :

julia> x = XLSX.readdata("test.xlsx", "Sheet1", "A2:A5") 

4×1 Array{String,2}:

I know that this bug is common with spreadsheets software data manipulations. Is there a fix to that bug? (Besides writing a function to filter the date.)

Thank you in advance.

Since this is a problem with a specific library, you may have more luck if you open an issue for that particular library, presumably this one: https://github.com/felipenoris/XLSX.jl/issues

Thank you. You are right I am going to open an issue on git.