What Jeff Bezanson thinks is bad about in Julia in 2021?

Jeff Bezanson’s talk What’s Bad About Julia from JuliaCon 2019 is one of my favorite Julia talks every and the most funny, period. Is there any chance that we see something like updated version of this talk in any shape or form? We now have Julia 1.6 and 1.7 should be soon available and I would love to here some more substance griping about Julia in the great style of Jeff Bezanson.


imho: this is the latest “State of Julia” ( as a roadmap checklist )

" State of Julia 2021" ( 29 Jul 2021 ) presentation:
(Stefan Karpinksi, Viral Shah, Jeff Bezanson, Keno Fischer)

Julia “Still to do list”


Very true, but it just didn’t have the same character as “What’s Bad About Julia.”


I already watch this year "State of Julia” one or two times. It points a lot things that they plan to do, this part about allowing easier way to hack compilers blow me away so much, that when I felt down it was already next week. I agree with @MillironX that it is not second part "What’s Bad About Julia”. First of all, Jeff Bezanson didn’t gripes enough, second “WBAJ” was about things that is almost unseen by people, if you not part of core team. At last, “State of Julia” didn’t end by saying “After all Julia isn’t so bad”.

Tone of this post is quite humorous, since I’m in the mood of “WBAJ” talk, which is so funny.


With all of the AI/ML work going on in Julia, soon we will need to ask what Julia thinks is bad about Jeff.