What is the expected way to add code to a package in the metadata directory

I can use Pkgdev.generate to make a repository. Now what is the expected way to put code into that and how to tell git to use it? Manually copy-pasting stuff in there and manually telling git to use it? Or is there some kind of parameter I can use with Pkgdev.generate to tell which directory contains my source and why directory contains my tests?

I think you’d benefit from watching this great video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tx8DRc7_c9I

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Thank you, but I would like some official documentation. The devs cleary had some kind of workflow in mind.

I did not watch the whole video, but in the end all he does is copy-paste the code around and git commits it all manually.

As you wish.

So, did you read the docs?

Also, maybe of interest