`using Plots` errors (`ERROR: LoadError: InitError: UndefVarError: `GR_jll` not defined`)

Did you try these specific instructions that I posted yesterday?

using Pkg
# skip activation of a temp environment if you are trying to fix your environment
Pkg.activate(; temp=true)
# Add LERC_jll version 3
    PackageSpec(name="LERC_jll", version="3")
# Force GR to precompile
Base.compilecache(Base.PkgId(Base.UUID("28b8d3ca-fb5f-59d9-8090-bfdbd6d07a71"), "GR"))

There was package, LERC_jll which contained a binary neeed by libtiff which is need by GR which is needed by plots. A few days ago that library was updated to version 4 form version 3. It turns out libtiff is not compatible with version 4 which started the failure cascade.

I should also mention that perhaps Plots.jl should not be the first plotting package you reach for, although I understand why that might seem like the most obvious choice. As you can see above it has a a lot of external dependencies.

I generally reach for Makie.jl first, specifically the GLMakie.jl backend.

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