Undefined symbol

I creat my dynamic libray test.so on Linux, I can use it in my Intel Fortran code. But when I use it in Julia in ccall, I get error: undefined symbol. I have export LD_LIBRARY=$PWD. Any idea about this error? Thanks!

Check the symbol names actually exported by the library, make sure you are have it spelled right.

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Which symbol is undefined? Is it in test.so or in a library that test.so depends on?

Hi John, it’s a symbol in a library that test.so depends on.

John Lapeyre via JuliaLang <julialang@discoursemail.com> 于2020年6月11日周四 上午7:19写道:

Hi, the problem is when I generated test.so, I forget the flag -L. Thanks for you help!

Zhang Wei <zhangweiuio@gmail.com> 于2020年6月11日周四 上午8:16写道: