Unable to push my package to GitHub

VS Code looks great. I installed it. Installed the julia extension. Had no idea what I was doing. Documentation is terrible (I’m getting used to this now). I’d at least have expected an obvious REPL somewhere. Anyway, I gave up. (This is not a request for help.)

I will stick with Juliapro for now, as I finally have a reasonable idea of how to do all the things that I need to do in there (i.e. scientific computing and code development with no interest in data and/or its science).

Thanks everybody.


One of the important things in software development is to know what’s the source of errors you’re getting. Here it’s Git and not Julia.

It’s usually better not to set up the package yourself, but to use one of the available tools. As someone already mentioned, PkgTemplates is good for that. You can read
my post about using it to create your own package in 10 minutes.

That’s how I set it up, but I still had this problem. Don’t worry. All sorted now

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Short answer in my case is yes.

My whole body is old, not just my hands. As I did with matlab/Fortran/C I like many xterm windows and vi. Running Matlab in a Mac terminal is not that much different than running the REPL.

This method of working is a source of amusement and fodder for advisor ridicule for my students.