Unable to add packages in v1.2

Hi all,

I just installed v1.2 but am now unable to add packages. I’m getting the following error:

ERROR: could not load library "libgit2"
libcurl.so.4: ELF load command address/offset not properly aligned

I’m running Julia under Arch. What should I do?


Could’ve you download for the wrong number of bits, 32 vs 64?

It was a regular update via Arch’s package manager, but I checked, and it’s the right (64 bit) version. I uninstalled, re-installed, but no luck. Might I have more luck if I uninstall and then download from the website and build?

I haven’t used pacman’s Julia in a long time, but it makes sense that it should work.
I use JILL (disclaimer: package author), which downloads from the website and unpacks in good places. But you should uninstall first.

Thanks, this looks useful. However, when I run the script, I get the message: “The folder ‘/home/igor/.local/bin’ is not on your PATH”. In fact, in .local/ there is no folder called ‘bin’. I know it’s easy to create the folder, but I’m not a Linux specialist and I’m worried that I might mess things up. Or is it safe to do this and then run the script anew?

I created the folder, added it to my path, but still got an error message:

JILL - Julia Installer 4 Linux (and MacOS) - Light

Distributed under terms of the GPLv3 license.

This script will:

  • Download latest stable Julia

  • Create a link for julia

  • Create a link for julia-VER

Download folder: /home/igor/packages/julias

Link folder: /home/igor/.local/bin

Download folder will be created if required

confirm:read:1: -p: no coprocess


I ended up downloading the binaries and now everything is working fine.

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Sorry about that. I think it’s related to zsh. Possibly running bash jill.sh could work. Glad to hear it’s working now. Thanks for trying.

If you use bashisms in your script, you’re better off specifying /bin/bash in the shebang line, rather than assuming that /bin/sh points to bash. In Debian-based systems, /bin/sh points to a very simple shell called Dash by default and your script would fail because you define functions with the function keyword.

Thanks, I’ll do that.

Has there been a change between v1.1 and v1.2 that affects the build process? In v1.2 when I try to use a package I get the error “C:*********.julia\packages\SpecialFunctions\fvheQ\deps\usr\bin\libopenspecfun.dll cannot be opened, Please re-run Pkg.build(“SpecialFunctions”), and restart Julia.” Using the package manager to build(“SpecialFunctions”) I get “Error: Error building SpecialFunctions:
│ ┌ Warning: On Windows, creating file symlinks requires Administrator privileges”. This second error does not occur with Julia v1.1.

Try that.

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Thanks for the reply.

That is exactly what I did (without the comma) and it gave the error regarding administrator rights.



multiple times gives variable results. Sometimes it gives me the error regarding administrator priviledges and other times it returns “none”. When the latter occurs the module will run.

This is a bug in the julia ArchLinux package. It was reported to the Arch package. You can click on (Add vote) if you are affected.