Track variables within DifferentialEquations.jl function

Hi @ChrisRackauckas, I am translating an R package into Julia. The R package uses lsoda, and after I applied @erlebach approach, I’ve got “LSODA is not compatible with callbacks.”

BTW, is there an elegant example of how to track variables within DifferentialEquations.jl with “saveat” and events? For example, in my package, I need to show all variables (with states) at each time step as an output.

Just don’t use LSODA? The error message is saying you should use a more capable solver, like TRBDF2 or Rodas5 or etc.

The tutorials on events show saving whatever’s needed.

I would need a more concrete question in order to give more concrete help. And it would be better if these questions were in their own thread.

Thanks for a quick answer. I posted a question as a new thread.