Time limits for unfocused discourse threads?

One more thing to consider. I would argue that threads have a peak number of posts where after that point it discussion becomes less useful, and this number varies depending on the post. I tried following the rand(Float32) thread, but that is now 438 posts. So despite the singular focus and necessity of the topics, what person is going to read through it all? Most likely someone will just jump in at the bottom with an idea that was already said 200 posts higher. I don’t think it should be closed for that reason, but I hope it illustrates my point.

Part of the reason Discourse exists is to create of a body of knowledge that is easily searchable and helpful. Being led to a mega-thread to find the answer to a problem is less than ideal. Julia WATs has some interesting stuff, but is there much more to say? How much of it is now outdated? If someone has a new WAT they can just start a new topic.