The filter function is non-intuitive

It also prevents the (ground) coffee from getting through. Filtering is so ambiguous.


We could just rename filter to generalized_coffee in Julia 2.0 and be done with it.


I’ve always said, the one thing I’m missing from julia is that it doesn’t make my coffee. If we can get this fixed in 2.0, that would be excellent :+1:

Has someone already filed an issue for this?


It should at least give a 418 error.


Apart from this not being changed in Julia and marked as “solved” I think this is personal preference. To you it might be counter intuitive, but to me it functions exactly as I expect it to be.

In music and in medicine (and more generally signal processing) a high-pass filter lets the high frequencies through, a low-pass filter lets the low frequencies through and a band-pass filter lets a specific band of frequencies through. If you ask me what I expect from an odd-number filter (the way you have written it), I would be surprised not to get the odd numbers :slight_smile:.

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I’ll be repeating the sentiment of other replies, but it really is a matter of personal experience.

In astronomy filters are defined by the frequencies they let through, so it’s perfectly intuitive for me.

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